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Guardian Angel Mahasiah: Protector and Guide

Discovering the Power of Guardian Angel Mahasiah.  Are you seeking guidance and protection from the divine forces? If so, you may want to learn about the powerful guardian angel Mahasiah. Mahasiah is believed to be one of the most benevolent and powerful of all the angels, and can provide immense support and protection in times of need.

In this article, we will explore the history and significance of guardian angel Mahasiah, as well as how you can connect with and invoke this powerful celestial being.

Sigil of Angel Mahasiah

Who is Guardian Angel Mahasiah?

Mahasiah is known as the angel of Divine Benevolence and is considered to be one of the 72 angels of the Kabbalah. He is said to be a powerful protector and guide, and is believed to be the guardian of the divine mysteries and secrets of the universe.

According to the Kabbalah, Mahasiah governs over the energies of generosity, benevolence, and compassion, and is said to be able to bring forth great blessings and miracles to those who invoke his name.

The History and Significance of Guardian Angel Mahasiah

The name Mahasiah is derived from the Hebrew word "ma'asayahu," which means "the works of God." In the Kabbalah, Mahasiah is one of the 72 angels who are said to have been created by God on the second day of creation.

Mahasiah is said to be a powerful and benevolent angel who can help those who are seeking guidance and protection. He is also believed to be the patron of artists and artisans, and can provide inspiration and creative energy to those who seek it.

How to Connect with Guardian Angel Mahasiah

Connecting with guardian angel Mahasiah can bring a sense of comfort, guidance, and protection to your life. Here are some steps you can take to connect with Mahasiah:

  • Create a sacred space - Find a quiet and peaceful place where you can connect with the divine energies of Mahasiah. Light a candle or burn some incense to help create a sacred atmosphere.
  • Open your heart and mind - Relax and open yourself to the energies of Mahasiah. Breathe deeply and focus on your intention to connect with this powerful guardian angel.
  • Invoke the name of Mahasiah - You can call upon Mahasiah by simply saying his name out loud. Ask him to provide guidance, protection, and blessings in your life.
  • Listen to your intuition - As you connect with Mahasiah, pay attention to any intuitive messages or guidance that you receive. Trust your instincts and allow yourself to be guided by the wisdom of this powerful angel.


Guardian angel Mahasiah is a powerful and benevolent angel who can bring immense blessings and protection to those who invoke his name. By connecting with this divine celestial being, you can gain a sense of guidance, comfort, and support in your life.

Whether you are seeking creative inspiration, protection from negative energies, or simply a sense of comfort and guidance, guardian angel Mahasiah can provide the powerful energies you need to move forward on your spiritual path. So take some time to connect with Mahasiah and open yourself to the limitless blessings that this angel can bring into your life.

Frequently Asked Questions about Angel Mahasiah

Q: Who is Angel Mahasiah? A: Angel Mahasiah is an archangel in the Jewish Kabbalah tradition. He is associated with the month of April and is believed to help people who were born between April 5th and 9th. Mahasiah is known as a protector and a guide, helping his charges navigate life's challenges and find their way.

Q: What are the powers of Angel Mahasiah? A: Angel Mahasiah is associated with several powers, including protection, healing, and creativity. He is believed to help his charges overcome obstacles and find their way in life. Mahasiah is also associated with fertility and is considered a powerful ally for couples who are trying to conceive.

Q: How can I connect with Angel Mahasiah? A: Connecting with your guardian angel is a deeply personal experience, but there are several things you can do to make it easier to connect with Mahasiah specifically. One of the best ways to connect with any angel is through prayer or meditation. Take a few minutes each day to focus on your breath and visualize Mahasiah standing beside you. You can also try writing a letter to Mahasiah, expressing your thoughts and feelings and asking for guidance.

Q: What is Angel Mahasiah's message for us? A: Angel Mahasiah's message is one of protection, guidance, and creativity. He encourages us to embrace our creativity and to use it to make a positive impact in the world. Mahasiah also reminds us that we are never alone and that he is always there to guide and protect us on our journey.

Q: How can I honor Angel Mahasiah? A: One way to honor Angel Mahasiah is to meditate or pray to him regularly. You can also light a candle in his honor or create an altar with his image or symbol. Another way to honor Mahasiah is to embrace your creativity and use it to make a positive impact in the world.

Q: What is the best time to connect with Angel Mahasiah? A: There is no specific time that is best for connecting with Angel Mahasiah. However, some people find it helpful to connect with him during his associated month of April or on his feast day, which is June 27th. Ultimately, the best time to connect with Mahasiah is whenever you feel called to do so.

Prayer to Angel Mahasiah

Divine Angel Mahasiah, who governs the energies of transformation and spiritual growth, I come to you with reverence and gratitude in my heart. I ask for your guidance, protection, and blessings as I journey on the path of spiritual evolution.

Please help me to release any fears,

 doubts, and limitations that are preventing me from reaching my full potential. Help me to see myself and others through the eyes of love, compassion, and understanding. Please assist me in my spiritual development, so that I may become a shining light of love and wisdom in the world.

I ask that you help me to cultivate a deeper connection with the divine, and to recognize the divine presence in all aspects of my life. Please guide me in my meditations, prayers, and spiritual practices, so that I may deepen my understanding of the divine and experience true inner peace and harmony.

Divine Angel Mahasiah, I ask that you help me to heal any wounds or traumas from the past that may be blocking my spiritual growth. Please fill me with your healing light and love, and help me to release any negative emotions or attachments that are holding me back.

I ask that you bless me with the strength, courage, and wisdom to face any challenges or obstacles that may arise on my path. Please protect me from any negative energies or influences that may try to harm me, and surround me with your divine light and love.

Thank you, Divine Angel Mahasiah, for your guidance, love, and support. I trust in your divine plan for my life and know that with your help, I can achieve my highest potential. May your love and light shine upon me always. Amen.

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