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The Divine Protection of Guardian Angel Seheiah: Unveiling the Secrets of Angelic Guidance

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Discovering the Divine Protection of Guardian Angel Seheiah

Have you ever felt like you need divine guidance and protection? Do you believe in guardian angels and their powers? If so, you may be interested in learning about Seheiah, the guardian angel known for providing protection and safety to those who call upon him.

Seheiah is an angel in the Christian, Jewish, and Islamic faiths, and is known for his ability to shield individuals from harm. In this article, we will explore the history and characteristics of Seheiah, as well as ways to invoke his guidance and protection.

Who is Guardian Angel Seheiah?

Angel Seheiah is a cherub angel who is part of the angelic hierarchy. He is the 29th angel in the hierarchy and is associated with the sephirah of Netzach, which represents victory, endurance, and fortitude. According to Jewish tradition, Seheiah is one of the 72 angels who are said to have the power to communicate directly with God.

In Christianity, Seheiah is known as a guardian angel who watches over and protects individuals from danger. He is often depicted as holding a sword or shield, representing his power and ability to defend against harm.

Atributes of Angel Seheiah

Angel Seheiah, in angelic lore, is revered as a guardian and protector against illness and misfortune. Known for his prescient abilities to foresee dangers and provide warning, Seheiah is often invoked for his protective guidance and long life. Below, we explore the attributes associated with Seheiah, shedding light on this celestial figure's profound influence and responsibilities.

Planet: Sun

Seheiah is closely linked with the Sun, a symbol of vitality, health, and protection. This association underscores Seheiah's role in promoting life energy, enhancing well-being, and providing a safeguard against physical and spiritual harm, reflecting the Sun’s influence on strength and endurance.

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Aligned with the zodiac sign of Leo, Seheiah embodies qualities of leadership, courage, and a protective nature. Leo enhances Seheiah's commanding presence and his dedication to safeguarding those in his care, focusing on boldness and the warmth of his protective embrace.

Metal: Gold

Gold, associated with the Sun and revered for its incorruptibility and prestige, is the metal linked to Seheiah. This noble metal symbolizes Seheiah’s role in providing enduring protection and his unwavering commitment to guarding against misfortune.

Crystals: Amber and Citrine

Amber and citrine are crystals associated with Seheiah. Amber, known for its cleansing and healing properties, supports Seheiah’s mission to ward off illness and promote recovery. Citrine, symbolizing light and positivity, complements Seheiah's role in bringing brightness and hope in times of darkness.

Flowers: Sunflower and Marigold

Sunflowers and marigolds are flowers connected to Seheiah. Sunflowers, turning their heads towards the sunlight, reflect Seheiah’s role in focusing on the positive and protective aspects of life. Marigolds, associated with the Sun and used historically for protection and healing, resonate with Seheiah’s influence in safeguarding health and vitality.

Animal: Phoenix

The phoenix, a mythical creature symbolizing renewal and immortality, represents Seheiah’s qualities well. Known for rising from its ashes, the phoenix embodies Seheiah's role in providing renewal from adversity, offering a metaphorical rebirth following hardships.

Opposite Demon: Abaddon

Abaddon, often depicted as a demon or angel of destruction, stands in opposition to Seheiah. This juxtaposition highlights Seheiah's dedication to preservation and safety against the destructive and chaotic forces that Abaddon represents.

Lunar Cycle: Waxing Gibbous

The waxing gibbous moon, symbolizing growth, manifestation, and the nearing of completion, aligns with Seheiah’s attributes of building protection and preparing for potential challenges. It represents the time when efforts to safeguard and prevent misfortunes are most effective.

Archetype: The Guardian

Seheiah fits the archetype of The Guardian, representing defense, foresight, and the prevention of harm. This archetype emphasizes Seheiah’s role as a celestial protector, who not only guards against immediate threats but also foresees potential dangers, providing a proactive shield of vigilance.

The Powers and Characteristics of Seheiah

Seheiah is known for his ability to provide protection and safety to those who call upon him. He is believed to have the power to shield individuals from harm, danger, and negativity. Seheiah is also known for his ability to help individuals overcome obstacles and challenges, as well as provide guidance and support during difficult times.

In addition to his protective qualities, Seheiah is also associated with creativity, inspiration, and artistic endeavors. He is said to help individuals tap into their inner creativity and express themselves through art, music, writing, and other creative outlets.

How to Invoke Seheiah's Guidance and Protection

If you feel like you could use Seheiah's guidance and protection, there are several ways to invoke his presence. You can begin by lighting a white candle, which is a symbol of purity and divinity. As you light the candle, focus your thoughts and intentions on your desire for protection and guidance.

You can also recite a prayer or invocation to Seheiah, asking for his guidance and protection. One example of a prayer is:

"Dear Seheiah, I call upon you to provide me with your divine protection and guidance. Please shield me from harm, negativity, and danger, and guide me towards the path of righteousness and positivity. I am grateful for your presence and support. Amen."

Another way to connect with Seheiah is through meditation. You can create a quiet and peaceful space, and focus your thoughts on Seheiah's protective and guiding qualities. Visualize his presence around you, and allow his energy to fill you with a sense of safety and security.


Seheiah is a powerful and protective guardian angel who can provide guidance and protection to those who seek his help. Whether you are facing challenges, obstacles, or simply want to feel more secure and protected, invoking Seheiah's presence can provide a sense of comfort and peace.

By understanding Seheiah's history, powers, and characteristics, you can develop a deeper connection with this angel and tap into his divine guidance and protection. So, next time you are in need of guidance and protection, remember to call upon Seheiah and trust in his power to keep you safe and secure.


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