The Power of Vehuiah: How This Guardian Angel Can Help You Unlock Your True Potential

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Do you believe in guardian angels? These celestial beings are believed to guide and protect us throughout our lives. If you're curious about guardian angels and want to learn more about them, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll focus on one particular guardian angel, Haziel. We'll explore who Haziel is, their powers, and how you can connect with them.

Sigil of Angel Vehuiah

Who is Guardian Angel Vehuiah?

Haziel is one of the 72 angels of the Kabbalah tradition. In the angel hierarchy, Haziel is a Cherubim and is known as the "giver of divine wisdom." According to ancient texts, Haziel has the power to help you connect with your spiritual self, find inner peace, and deepen your understanding of the universe. They are also believed to bring clarity, inspire creativity, and promote forgiveness.

Haziel is associated with the planet Venus and the zodiac sign of Libra. People born under this sign are said to have a natural charm and a love for balance and harmony. If you're a Libra, connecting with Haziel can help you enhance these qualities and find more peace in your life.

Connecting with Guardian Angel Haziel


If you want to connect with Haziel, there are a few things you can do. The first step is to set your intention and ask for their guidance. You can do this through prayer, meditation, or simply speaking aloud. Once you've asked for their help, pay attention to any signs or messages you receive. These may come in the form of a gut feeling, a synchronistic event, or a message from a friend.

You can also create an altar or sacred space dedicated to Haziel. This can be a place where you can meditate, pray, or simply reflect on their presence in your life. Some people like to light candles, burn incense, or place crystals on their altar as a way of connecting with their guardian angel.

Conclusion Guardian Angel Haziel is a powerful celestial being that can help you connect with your spiritual self, find inner peace, and deepen your understanding of the universe. Their powers of clarity, forgiveness, creativity, and protection make them an invaluable guide for anyone seeking spiritual growth and personal transformation. By setting your intention and asking for their guidance, you can connect with Haziel and experience the many benefits of working with a guardian angel.

Powers of Guardian Angel Haziel

As we mentioned earlier, Haziel is the "giver of divine wisdom." They can help you tap into your intuition and access your inner wisdom. Haziel can also help you find the courage to make difficult decisions and overcome obstacles. Here are some of the other powers associated with Guardian Angel Haziel:

  1. Clarity: Haziel can help you see things clearly and make sense of confusing situations. They can guide you to make wise decisions and see things from a higher perspective.
  2. Forgiveness: If you're struggling to forgive someone or yourself, Haziel can help. They can help you release negative emotions and find peace in forgiveness.
  3. Creativity: Haziel is also known to inspire creativity and artistic expression. They can help you tap into your creativity and find new ways to express yourself.
  4. Protection: As a guardian angel, Haziel is always watching over you and keeping you safe. They can help you feel protected and secure, both physically and spiritually.

Properties and Attributes of Angel Vehuiah

Qualities: Leadership, taking initiative, starting a new project, starting your own business or a new career, gaining abundance, and creative projects.

Type of angel: Seraphim

Prince: Metatron

Planet: Mars

Color: Gold and Pink

Plant: Ginger and Corundum

Metal: Iron

Stone: Amethyst, Ruby

Regency: January 6, March 20, June 1, August 13 and October 25.

Initiation of Guardian Angel Vehuiah

Prayer for Angel Vehuiah

Divine Guardian Angel Vehuiah, I come to you with an open heart, seeking your guidance and assistance in my life. You are the angel of willpower and initiative, the one who embodies strength and courage, and I know that with your help, I can overcome any challenge and achieve my goals.

I ask you to help me tap into my inner strength and find the courage to face any situation. Grant me the willpower to stay focused on my goals and overcome procrastination. Inspire me to take action and make positive changes in my life.

With your guidance, I know that I can find the courage to take risks and pursue my dreams. Help me to see the opportunities that are available to me and give me the strength to seize them.

I ask you to surround me with your divine protection and light, shielding me from negativity and harm. Help me to stay true to my values and beliefs and to act with integrity in all that I do.

Divine Guardian Angel Vehuiah, I am grateful for your presence in my life and for the gifts and blessings that you bring. I trust in your wisdom and guidance and know that you will always be with me, guiding me on my path.

Thank you for your love, your light, and your guidance. I offer you my deepest gratitude and love. Amen.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guardian Angel Vehuiah

Who is Angel Vehuiah?

Angel Vehuiah is recognized as the angel of willpower and new beginnings in many angelic traditions, particularly within the context of Kabbalah, a mystical interpretation of the Bible. As the first name in the 72 names of God, Vehuiah holds a unique position. He is believed to help guide individuals through their journey of transformation and provide the energy necessary for rebirth and change.

What is Angel Vehuiah associated with?

Angel Vehuiah represents powerful energies including willpower, transformation, and new beginnings. When invoked, he is believed to impart an impulse towards transformation and the ability to pioneer new ideas or projects. In essence, Vehuiah is the divine spark that lights the flame of inspiration and the willpower to achieve goals.

When is the best time to invoke Angel Vehuiah?

According to Kabbalistic traditions, the days between March 21st and March 25th hold special significance for invoking Angel Vehuiah. It's during this time that his influence is said to be the strongest. Moreover, the time of day suggested for invocation is dawn, symbolizing new beginnings and the breaking of a new day, which aligns with Vehuiah's energy.

What prayer can I use to call on Angel Vehuiah?

A specific prayer to invoke Angel Vehuiah might go like this: "Angel Vehuiah, guide of new beginnings and the will to transform, I call upon your energy. Assist me in harnessing my willpower to initiate positive changes in my life. Inspire me to pioneer new paths and quickly adapt to the transformations life brings. I give thanks for your presence and your guidance, Angel Vehuiah."

How can Angel Vehuiah assist in my life?

Vehuiah is believed to provide guidance and support during pivotal moments of change and new beginnings in one's life. If you're facing a significant life change, starting a new project, or need a surge of willpower to overcome a challenge, Vehuiah's energy can be invoked. The presence of this angelic force is thought to bolster your determination, provide clarity of purpose, and aid in the swift adaptation to new circumstances.

Is it against any religion to call upon Angel Vehuiah?

The view on invoking angels, including Vehuiah, varies widely among different religions and belief systems. Some faiths readily accept the presence and assistance of angels, while others do not. Certain Christian denominations, for example, acknowledge angels but discourage directly invoking them, suggesting prayer should be directed to God. Therefore, it's important to consult with a spiritual advisor or religious leader within your specific tradition to understand the accepted practices and beliefs regarding angelic invocation.

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