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Angel Aura Connection with Angel Haamiah for Those born between September 29th to October 3rd

Angel Aura Connection with Angel Haamiah for Those born between September 29th to October 3rd

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Create a direct connection with this beautifull guardian angel. This video has a duration of 30 minutes and includes the latin psalm and summoning phrase that will allow you to experience the presence of the guardian angel.

Connections with guardian angels provide comfort, security, protection and the energy of it's powers.

Feeling the presence of such a powerfull spirit is a unique experience. You just need to watch the video and listen to the summoning. The Video ends with a small meditation that allows you to deepen even more the connection and receive all its benefits

These angel aura connections can be used by everyone, even if the angel is not even close to your birthday. They all have a regency period where they are available for everyone as well as the planets which corresponds to the days they an be summoned by any person who needs the comfort of the angel.

These are the planets and corresponding days

  • Sunday - sun
  • Monday - moon
  • Tuesday - Mars
  • Wednesday - Mercury
  • Thursday - Jupiter
  • Friday - Venus
  • Saturday - Saturn

Haamiah is the 38th angel of the 72 guardian angels. The name Haamiah translates to “The Hope of All that Ends on God”. Those born between September 29th to October 03 are under this angel's guardianship during their lifetime. Haamiah is the angel of preparation. Those born under this angel's guardianship are great planners and often have their entire life mapped out since childhood. Their vision is far-stretching and they plan for the future more intensely than others. They are often very successful in achieving their goals due to their strategic nature, which allows them to accurately plan for ways to find success and be prepared for any challenges that may come their way.

Haamiah is a very comforting and warm angel that gives  their people these same qualities. They love to cook for their loved ones and consider cooking an act of love. They are very creative with their meals and put a lot of their energy into making a dish as comforting and loving as possible. These people tend to be caregivers in their family. They look out for their loved ones and will do anything to keep them comfortable and safe. People born under this angel's guardianship also honor their own daily rituals and hold much of their self-care and spiritual practice very sacredly. Their life eventually becomes an embodiment of their spiritual path and they follow various rituals that keep them in alignment with this.

Haamiah's people hold beauty and aesthetic with high importance. They love beautiful things, such as nature, people, and art. They also peaceful people that cherish harmony and balance. If there is ever a conflict they may wish to call upon Haamiah to help alleviate the tension and disperse any ill feelings towards each other. Achieving this is easy because these people are usually very polite and respectful to everyone, even during a conflict or disagreement.  They would rather back away and be silent than be violent or hateful towards anyone. They believe that everyone deserves respect and kindness, even if they don't agree with their actions.

Sexuality is very important to Haamiah's people and they cherish their intimate relationships very deeply. Not only is their love life strong, but their romantic side will play a huge role in their life. These people often have grandiose love stories that seem as if they are out of a movie. They have so much love and kindness to give, which enables them to fully commit to a relationship. They will wait to find a partner that compliments them perfectly, and when they do they will hold onto them for the rest of their lives.

Powers: Rituals, Sexuality, Love, Harmony, Peace, Balance, Avoiding Conflict, Against Violence.

Psalms 91:9

If you say, “The LORD is my refuge,” and you make the Most High your dwelling,



  • Type of angel Chamuel
  • Prince: Camael
  • Planet: Mars and Venus
  • Color: Blue and Red
  • Plant: Rosemary, Saffron
  • Metal: Iron
  • Stone: Beryl, Opal
  • Regency: 14th February, 28th April, 12th July, 24th September and 5th December
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