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Angel Aura Connection with Angel Ieuhiah for Those born between September 3rd to September 7th

Angel Aura Connection with Angel Ieuhiah for Those born between September 3rd to September 7th

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Create a direct connection with this beautifull guardian angel. This video has a duration of 30 minutes and includes the latin psalm and summoning phrase that will allow you to experience the presence of the guardian angel.

Connections with guardian angels provide comfort, security, protection and the energy of it's powers.

Feeling the presence of such a powerfull spirit is a unique experience. You just need to watch the video and listen to the summoning. The Video ends with a small meditation that allows you to deepen even more the connection and receive all its benefits

These angel aura connections can be used by everyone, even if the angel is not even close to your birthday. They all have a regency period where they are available for everyone as well as the planets which corresponds to the days they an be summoned by any person who needs the comfort of the angel.

These are the planets and corresponding days

  • Sunday - sun
  • Monday - moon
  • Tuesday - Mars
  • Wednesday - Mercury
  • Thursday - Jupiter
  • Friday - Venus
  • Saturday - Saturn

Iehuiah is the 33rd angel of the 72 guardian angels. The name Iehuiah translates to “All-Knowing God”. Those born between September 3rd to September 7th reside under this protective angel's guardianship. Those born under this angel are known to be very subordinate in some area of their life. They may be extreme rule followers at work. They may also be the more submissive partner in a relationship. This is because Iehuiah is the angel of subordination. These people strive to be the best versions of themselves while simultaneously treating everyone they meet with high regards. They value the goodness in people and may be your own personal cheerleader. Those born under this angel make great allies, side-kicks, and friends. They will be there to support you in time of need while offering you sound advice to help you move forward. Words of affirmation are their love language, and they will shower you with compliments and positive messages on the daily.

People who are assisted by Iehuiah are power-houses when it comes to business matters. They have the ability to predict how business will play out for the future. They are great at problem solving, coming up with creative ideas, and managing a company. Not only do they make great business leaders, but they make great team mates as well. They have no problem taking orders from higher-ups and see the importance of every role within a work place. The meaning they give to their work is the most important to them, and they tend to give everything they do meaning and value.

Iehiuah gives people the ability to see beyond the illusions. Because they are often very business savvy, they find themselves working through different business projects and prospects. This can attract people with ill intentions, which is why this guardian angel blesses them with the ability to see the true motives of people. If anyone has ill intentions or is being dishonest about anything, these people will know. They aren't very confrontational though, and will most likely handle the situation behind the scenes rather than cause an explosive conflict. Even if they are being wronged in some way, they would never wish to hurt someone in any way.

Call upon Iehiuah when you are unsure of someone's actions, but have a gut feeling that they may not be telling you the truth. You may also wish to call upon this angel when you are having troubles committing to someone or something, are dealing with conflict of any kind, or whenever you are having troubles dealing with the hierarchy at work. Iehiuah will help remedy these issues and allow you to be the good, well mannered, and accepting person that you are.

Associations: Subordination, Leadership, Authority, Teamwork, Letting go, Conflict, Trust, Goodness

Psalm: 94:11
the Lord—knows the thoughts of man,
that they are but a breath.

Type of angel Chamuel
Prince: Zaphkiel
Planet: Mars and Uranus
Color: Red
Plant: Aloe, Nettle
Metal: Iron
Stone: Aquamarine, Malachite
Regency: 9th February, 22nd April, 23rd April, 6th July, 19th September and 30th November

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