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Angel Aura Connection with Angel Lecabel for Those born between August 23rd to Agust 28th

Angel Aura Connection with Angel Lecabel for Those born between August 23rd to Agust 28th

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Welcome to the Guardian Angel Lecabel Initiation, the ultimate way to unlock your full potential in the areas of intellect, service to others, problem solving, abundance, future planning, and perfectionism.

Lecabel is known as the Guardian Angel of Intellectual Growth, and with this initiation, you will be able to connect with his divine energy to achieve a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. You'll be able to unlock the full power of your mind and develop a greater capacity for learning and problem-solving.

By initiating this process, you will be able to tap into Lecabel's ability to serve others, whether it be in your personal life or your career. You'll have a greater understanding of how to use your skills and knowledge to help those around you.

The Guardian Angel Lecabel Initiation also helps you to attract abundance and success in all areas of your life. You'll have a clearer vision of your future and the ability to plan for it more effectively, allowing you to achieve your goals and dreams with ease.

This initiation also helps to reduce perfectionism, allowing you to let go of unrealistic expectations and instead focus on progress and growth. With Lecabel's guidance, you'll learn to embrace imperfection and use it as a stepping stone towards greater success.

In summary, the Guardian Angel Lecabel Initiation is the perfect way to enhance your intellect, service to others, problem-solving skills, abundance, future planning, and reduce perfectionism. It is an investment in yourself that will provide lifelong benefits and help you to achieve your full potential.


Create a direct connection with this beautifull guardian angel. This video has a duration of 30 minutes and includes the latin psalm and summoning phrase that will allow you to experience the presence of the guardian angel.

Connections with guardian angels provide comfort, security, protection and the energy of it's powers.

Feeling the presence of such a powerfull spirit is a unique experience. You just need to watch the video and listen to the summoning. The Video ends with a small meditation that allows you to deepen even more the connection and receive all its benefits

These angel aura connections can be used by everyone, even if the angel is not even close to your birthday. They all have a regency period where they are available for everyone as well as the planets which corresponds to the days they an be summoned by any person who needs the comfort of the angel.

These are the planets and corresponding days

  • Sunday - sun
  • Monday - moon
  • Tuesday - Mars
  • Wednesday - Mercury
  • Thursday - Jupiter
  • Friday - Venus
  • Saturday - Saturn

Lecabel is the 31st of the 72 guardian angels. The name lecabel translates to “God who inspires”. Anyone born between August 23 to August 28 are under the guardianships of this wonderful angel. Lecabel's people are excellent problem solvers. They often see solutions to some of the most grandiose issues within society because they see things as a whole, rather than see the world through separation. Lecabel is the angel of order and balance, which gives their people a bit of a perfectionist personality. These people love to do things properly and effectively. This angel also governs intellect which helps people born under this angel with solving problems for others as well as in the work place. They may enjoy working jobs that require a lot of analytical skills that allow them to find solutions within data. Another great quality this angel has is the power to create the future. The people under Lecabel's watch may be very creative and love to make artwork, music, or have any skill that taps into their creative energies.

Anyone born with this angel by their side will live a prosperous life as Lecabel governs abundance and receiving. They will always have what they need, and much more. Other people lend them hands more easily, they gain status in jobs quickly, and all of their business ventures and pursuits seem to do very well, regardless of external circumstances. They are also visionaries as Lecabel pushes them to look towards their futures, giving them the tools they need to create a plan for their desires and map out the steps needed in order to achieve them. These people can commit to long term goals and always see things through.

Call upon Lecabel when you are feeling a creative block as this angel will help you tap into the creative energies that exist within you. You may also which to call upon this angel when you are feeling compulsive or reckless with your resources. Lecabel will help you understand the importance of preservation and help remind you that your future is more important that any form of instant gratification through gambling, shopping, or anything of that nature. Anyone born under this angels guardianship will have a great future ahead of them as long as they manage to control their impulses, create a game-plan for their goals, acts with high integrity, and offers their talents and services to others. Call upon Lecabel whenever you feel their energy will benefit you, and sure enough you will feel their presence helping you each moment along the way.


Associations: Intellect, Service to others, Problem solving, Abundance, Future planning, Perfectionism.


Psalm: 71:16

I will go in the strength of the Lord God: I will make mention of thy righteousness, even of thine only



  • Type of angel Hesed
  • Prince: Zadkiel
  • Planet: Jupiter and Mercury
  • Color: Blue
  • Plant: Bala, Licorice
  • Metal: Tin
  • Stone: Ruby, Sodalite
  • Regency: 7th February, 20th April, 4th July, 17th September and 28th November
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