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Angel Aura Connection with Angel Vasariah for Those born between August 29 rd to September 2nd

Angel Aura Connection with Angel Vasariah for Those born between August 29 rd to September 2nd

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Create a direct connection with this beautifull guardian angel. This video has a duration of 30 minutes and includes the latin psalm and summoning phrase that will allow you to experience the presence of the guardian angel.

Connections with guardian angels provide comfort, security, protection and the energy of it's powers.

Feeling the presence of such a powerfull spirit is a unique experience. You just need to watch the video and listen to the summoning. The Video ends with a small meditation that allows you to deepen even more the connection and receive all its benefits

These angel aura connections can be used by everyone, even if the angel is not even close to your birthday. They all have a regency period where they are available for everyone as well as the planets which corresponds to the days they an be summoned by any person who needs the comfort of the angel.

These are the planets and corresponding days

  • Sunday - sun
  • Monday - moon
  • Tuesday - Mars
  • Wednesday - Mercury
  • Thursday - Jupiter
  • Friday - Venus
  • Saturday - Saturn

Vasariah is the 32nd angel of the 72 guardian angels. The name Vasariah translates to “Just God”. This is because this guardian angel helps resolve any issues regarding legal matters. You may all upon them when you are dealing with the law or after you've been convicted of something. Ask Vasariah for forgiveness and the clarity needed in order for you to heal from the past and learn the lesson that the experience held. For those born between August 29 to September 02, Vasariah watches over you and assists you in times of need. When you find yourself in a challenged situation and need an external force to offer you a remedy, Vasariah is the one to call.

People born under this angel hold a huge capacity to forgive. They are the type of people to remain friends with people that have wronged them, stay in relationships with a partner that has severely hurt them, yet are also the ones that aren't affected much by the past and how others have treated them. They understand that everyone acts out of accordance to their own issues and problems, and that no one is perfect. Vasariah is the angel of reflection, and gives their people the ability to analyze their life in order to understand the patterns that play out in their behaviors, mind, and emotions. When they are able to truly understand themselves, then they are able to find long-lasting solutions to overcoming their negative traits.

These people are also very modest and it's rare that they will share their accomplishments with others. They reflect on their life quietly and have silent victories within their inner worlds. They may be a bit introverted but they also love getting to know others and helping those in need. Vasariah gives their people a need to establish justice and order within their live and the lives of their loved ones. They will go to great lengths to make sure they are treated fairly, and will defend anyone they feel needs their help and is unable to defend themselves. At their deepest core, they crave equality and justice for everyone.

Call upon Vasariah when you are experiencing trouble with the law, as this angel will help alleviate the repercussions of your actions. You may also wish to call upon this angel when you lack the wisdom to make an intelligent choice in regards to a current situation. Vasariah also helps those who are sick, anyone that has troubles dealing with responsibility, and anyone ridden with self-guilt. Vasariah will help free you from the shackles of your life and help you forgive others, as well as yourself.  

Associations: Forgiveness, Wisdom, Goals, Modesty, Judgement, Equality, Illness, Generosity, Guilt

Psalm 33:4

For the word of the Lord is right and true; he is faithful in all he does.


  • Type of angel Hesed
  • Prince: Zadkiel
  • Planet: Jupiter and Moon
  • Color: Blue
  • Plant: Ginseng, Reishi
  • Metal: Lead
  • Stone: Moonstone, Azurite
  • Regency: 8th February, 21st April, 5th July, 18th September and 29th November
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