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Angelic Guardians: Experience the Radiance of Jophiel Coaster Collection

Angelic Guardians: Experience the Radiance of Jophiel Coaster Collection

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Step into the realm of mystique and spirituality with the Archangel Jophiel 4 pcs. Corkwood Coaster Set. These exquisite coasters, adorned with the image of the angelic realm, invite you to embrace the whispers of wisdom and grace in your daily life.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each coaster features a high-gloss MDF top, exuding an ethereal glow that captivates the senses. The cork back ensures a secure and stable placement, preventing any unwelcome sliding as you immerse yourself in the divine energies they carry.

Measuring at a thickness of 0.16" (0.4cm), these coasters possess a subtle yet profound presence. Their one size of 3.75" × 3.75" (9.5cm x 9.5cm) makes them a perfect fit for any sacred space, whether it be your meditation corner, altar, or simply adorning your coffee table.

Each coaster becomes a gateway, a portal to the angelic realms, as the image of Archangel Jophiel graces its surface. Let the gentle presence of Jophiel infuse your surroundings with peace, harmony, and divine inspiration. Allow the angelic energy to guide you towards clarity, creative expression, and the illumination of your soul's purpose.

As you place your cup upon these sacred coasters, envision yourself sipping from the cup of divine wisdom. Feel the vibrations of spiritual connection and protection that emanate from each coaster, enveloping you in a cloak of tranquility and inner strength.

May the Archangel Jophiel 4 pcs. Corkwood Coaster Set be your companion on this mystical journey, reminding you to pause, reflect, and find solace in the mystical whispers of the angelic realm. Embrace their presence, and let the wisdom they carry transform your space into a sanctuary of enchantment and enlightenment.

Unlock the secrets that lie within these coasters, and let the divine guidance of Archangel Jophiel illuminate your path, one sip at a time.

.: High-gloss MDF top
.: Cork back to prevent sliding
.: 0.16" (0.4cm) thick
.: 4-piece set
.: One size: 3.75" × 3.75" (9.5cm x 9.5cm)

  3.75" × 3.75"
Width, cm 9.53
Height, cm 9.53
Depth, cm 0.40







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