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Archangel Gabriel Scented Candle for offerings, rituals, initiations or praying and meditation

Archangel Gabriel Scented Candle for offerings, rituals, initiations or praying and meditation

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Relax body & mind with this personalized candle of Archangel Gabriel for soothing aromatherapy. Made from vegan soy coconut wax, these scented candles are hand-poured and come with a permanent adhesive label. Choose between ambrosial fragrances of Cinnamon Stick and Vanilla.

These scented candles are the perfect offering for your rituals, spells, praying, initiations. These are considered temporary offerings by Gods, Angels, Demons, Nature or Angelic Spirits. This offering candle will last for aproximatly 50h. If you need a cheap way to make your offerings more powerful, you might want to consider this candle.


Gabriel, the archangel, is one of the angels of higher rank. He is known as the herald of visions and the messenger of God. People are able to comprehend the truth that God is trying to convey to them, and he assists them in doing so with a clean heart.

Gabriel makes a revelation to the prophet Daniel in the Hebrew Bible so that Daniel can understand the meaning of his visions. In addition, the archangel is mentioned in a number of other early Jewish texts, including the Book of Enoch. Gabriel is said to be the guardian angel of Israel, and he works in tandem with the archangel Michael to protect the Israelites from the angels who watch over the other countries. In various languages, the name Gabriel can also be interpreted to mean "power of God."

The accounts of the Annunciation may be found in the Gospel of Luke. In these accounts, the angel Gabriel makes a visit to Zechariah and the Virgin Mary and proclaims to them that they will be the parents of John the Baptist and Jesus, respectively (Luke 1:11–38). Gabriel is revered as a saint in a number of Christian denominations, including Anglicanism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Roman Catholicism, amongst others.
Gabriel is revered as a divine messenger who appeared to a number of prophets in Islamic tradition, including Muhammad. Muslims believe that Gabriel's first revelation to Muhammad was the first five verses of the 96th chapter of the Quran, which is called Al-Alaq. This chapter is located in the middle of the Quran.

According to the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the prophet Noah and the angel Gabriel are one and the same person.

Gabriel is described as a celestial person and an inhabitant of the Pleroma in an ancient Gnostic document called the Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit. This manuscript asserts that Gabriel existed prior to the Demiurge.


  One size
Height, cm 8.89
Diameter, cm 6.98


.: One size (2.75" x 3.5") (6.9cm x 8.8cm)
.: Hand-poured vegan soy coconut wax
.: Average burn time - 50 hours
.: Permanent adhesive label
.: Comes in a glass container
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

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