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Archangel Samael Scented Candle for offerings, rituals, initiations or praying and meditation

Archangel Samael Scented Candle for offerings, rituals, initiations or praying and meditation

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Relax body & mind with this personalized candle of Archangel Samael for soothing aromatherapy. Made from vegan soy coconut wax, these scented candles are hand-poured and come with a permanent adhesive label. Choose between ambrosial fragrances of Cinnamon Stick and Vanilla.

These scented candles are the perfect offering for your rituals, spells, praying, initiations. These are considered temporary offerings by Gods, Angels, Demons, Nature or Angelic Spirits. This offering candle will last for aproximatly 50h. If you need a cheap way to make your offerings more powerful, you might want to consider this candle.

Samael possesses the ability to bring back to life practically anyone or anything else, including himself, should he so desire. Death has stated that despite appearances, he is bound by a rule that prevents him from resurrecting individuals because doing so would disrupt the natural order and its associated consequences. This rule prohibits him from bringing people back to life.

Using what are essentially the last remnants of his powers, Samael possesses the ability to heal even the most fatal of wounds and abnormalities with his Healing Touch.

Illumination Samael has the ability to release pure energy, which enables him to kill and banish demons simply by resting his hand on a person's forehead and pressing his palm against it. In addition to this, he possesses the power to cleanse the spirits of those whose lives have been corrupted by demons.

Manipulation of the Weather He is able to manipulate and control the weather within the Earth's atmosphere, thereby creating natural disasters that are capable of quickly killing millions of people.

Samael boasts a vast knowledge on a variety of topics, including galaxies, planets, humans, souls, angels, and archangels, which may lend credence to the notion that he is close to omniscient. In addition to this, he has been physically present alongside God before the beginning of time itself.

Invulnerability - Samael, like all other archangels, is very impervious to any and all forms of harm, and he cannot even be harmed by other beings or angels, unless something angelic is involved, or if he is fighting another archangel. Samael's invulnerability is shared by all other archangels.

Samael, like all angels, significantly raises his host's maximum strength beyond what it would normally be capable of doing.

Samael does not age and is immune to sickness and degeneration because of his immortality. He asserts that he is either as ancient as God or older than God, but none of them can recall who is the elder of the two. In comparison to him, the cosmos is only "starting out" at this point.

Samael has the power of teleportation, which enables him to travel to any location in the universe at will. Despite the fact that he cannot be in several places at once like God, he is able to travel incredibly quickly throughout both the Earth and the rest of the cosmos utilizing teleportation.

  One size
Height, cm 8.89
Diameter, cm 6.98


.: One size (2.75" x 3.5") (6.9cm x 8.8cm)
.: Hand-poured vegan soy coconut wax
.: Average burn time - 50 hours
.: Permanent adhesive label
.: Comes in a glass container
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts

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