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Celestial Angel Connection for Joy & Happiness with Angel Loviah

Celestial Angel Connection for Joy & Happiness with Angel Loviah

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Loviah is the 17th angel of the 72 guardian angels. People born between June 11th to June 15th are born under this angel's watch. Loviah is the angel of revelations. For these people they may live lives that have more trials and tribulations than others. Their experience will be more extreme in a sense that they are exposed to deeper realms of emotions and thoughts, in order for them to find clarity and revelations that can further humanity. These people may have extraordinary abilities, that allow them to perceive things other may not. Their intuition is strong and they can decipher between truth and illusion easily.

Loviah is guardian to those who are born between June 11th to June 15th
Regency: 25th January, 6th April, 20th June, 3rd September and 14th November
Revelations, philosophy, ascension, joy, happiness, ease, subconscious, dreams, anxiety, manipulation

The powerful and exhilarating experience of making contact with, or becoming tied to an angel, much alone getting attuned to the talents it possesses, has only ever been had by a very small fraction of human beings over the course of human history.

Attunements were performed in the past by those who did so through the use of complex rituals that required a large amount of time to complete. With this grimoire it will be fast and easy.

Knowing that something bigger, more powerful, and wiser than you is watching over you and will take care of your needs whenever you require its powers gives one a feeling that is both very powerful and very pleasant.

As time passes, you will improve in a variety of ways, and the abilities that the angel bestows upon you will, in due course, come to become an integral part of who you are.

An attunement is a very personal relationship with the angel you select and will give you access to the angels powers. You can select to attune to your personal guardian angel or any angel you prefer. They are here to help you in every way they can.

Each day you put the card in front of you (printed or on cellphone), focuss on the center of the card and repeat the mantra below it 9 times. This will only take you a few minutes. Best time to do the attunement is just after waking up or before going to sleep.

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