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Celestial Angel Connection for Leadership & Business with Angel Vehuiah

Celestial Angel Connection for Leadership & Business with Angel Vehuiah

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Vehuiah is 1st of the 72 guardian angels. She is the Angel of transformation. This angel provides you with the will-power and ability to start a new path in your life. She holds the power of creative flow and initiation. If you are looking for a new beginning or trying to find your way out of stagnation, Vehuiah can help give you the strength and determination needed. The name Vehuiah translates to “God exalted beyond all creatures”. Vehuiah is guardian to those born between March 21st and March 25. Those born under Vehuiah as their guardian angel make great leaders and find success in entrepreneurial efforts. This angel's energy is fiery, electric powerful and abundant. The energy they radiate attracts people and experiences to them that seem divinely orchestrated.

Receiving Vehuiah's initiation was a pivotal moment in my life. I now approach life with greater confidence and clarity, feeling like I'm walking a path that's meant for me. The sense of divine protection is comforting and empowering, giving me courage in times of uncertainty. This is a 5-star spiritual awakening. - Anna K.

Vehuiah is guardian to those born between March 21st and March 25
Regency: January 6, March 20, June 1, August 13 and October 25.
Leadership, taking initiative, starting a new project, starting your own business or a new career, gaining abundance, and creative projects

The powerful and exhilarating experience of making contact with, or becoming tied to an angel, much alone getting attuned to the talents it possesses, has only ever been had by a very small fraction of human beings over the course of human history.

The initiation into Vehuiah's powers has opened new horizons for me. I feel spiritually rejuvenated, more connected to my higher self, and attuned to the subtle energies around me. This newfound awareness has brought depth and meaning to my life. It's an experience that I would rate 5 stars without hesitation, a true blessing. - Oliver N.

Attunements were performed in the past by those who did so through the use of complex rituals that required a large amount of time to complete. With this grimoire it will be fast and easy.

Knowing that something bigger, more powerful, and wiser than you is watching over you and will take care of your needs whenever you require its powers gives one a feeling that is both very powerful and very pleasant.

As time passes, you will improve in a variety of ways, and the abilities that the angel bestows upon you will, in due course, come to become an integral part of who you are.

Initiation into the powers of Vehuiah was a transformative experience. It unlocked potentials within me I never knew existed, bringing forth a sense of divine wisdom and insight. I approach life’s puzzles with a newfound clarity and confidence, feeling guided and protected. This is undoubtedly a 5-star spiritual journey. - Isabelle S.

An attunement is a very personal relationship with the angel you select and will give you access to the angels powers. You can select to attune to your personal guardian angel or any angel you prefer. They are here to help you in every way they can.

Each day you put the card in front of you (printed or on cellphone), focuss on the center of the card and repeat the mantra below it 9 times. This will only take you a few minutes. Best time to do the attunement is just after waking up or before going to sleep.

Complete instructions included in download
PDF file
english language
Digital download

Receiving the initiation of Vehuiah’s powers was like awakening to a new realm of possibilities. It has brought a profound sense of connection to the divine, infusing my life with purpose and serenity. This experience has been a guiding light, offering wisdom and strength. A resounding 5 stars! - Michael V.

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