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Celestial Interlude: The Mystical Presence of Archangel Uriel's Coasters

Celestial Interlude: The Mystical Presence of Archangel Uriel's Coasters

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In a realm where mystique intertwines with everyday life, the Archangel Uriel 4-piece Corkwood Coaster Set emerges as a vessel of transcendence. With their high-gloss MDF top and cork back, these coasters stand as ethereal gateways to sacred wisdom, exuding a touch of otherworldly allure.

Each coaster, 0.16" thick and measuring 3.75" × 3.75" (9.5cm x 9.5cm), features the image of the angelic Archangel Uriel. As you place your cup upon these divine artifacts, a subtle connection is forged, channeling the profound energy of the celestial realm.

Let these coasters be your guides, whispering age-old words of wisdom and spiritual revelation. With their mystique, they unlock the secrets of illumination, urging you to delve deeper into the mysteries of your own existence. Embrace their presence and embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

As you gaze upon the image of Archangel Uriel, feel the stirring of divine protection surrounding you. His celestial light permeates each coaster, nurturing balance and inner serenity. Through their touch, you become attuned to the harmonious vibrations of the universe, awakening your true spiritual potential.

In this transcendent union, the coasters become portals to enlightenment, inviting you to embrace the blessings of celestial guidance. They radiate with ethereal energy, resonating with your innermost being and infusing your life with sacred vibrations. Surrender to their influence and watch as your path becomes illuminated with clarity and purpose.

Within the sacred space these coasters create, the angelic presence of Archangel Uriel unfolds. His wisdom and protection weave seamlessly into your everyday life, transforming ordinary moments into divine encounters. Allow his energy to guide you, to inspire you, and to remind you of your inherent connection to the divine.

Embrace the mystique and spirituality embodied in the Archangel Uriel 4-piece Corkwood Coaster Set. Let their enigmatic charm and celestial essence transport you to realms of profound insight and spiritual growth. With each sip, you are reminded of the boundless possibilities that await when you align your spirit with the cosmic forces of the universe.

.: High-gloss MDF top
.: Cork back to prevent sliding
.: 0.16" (0.4cm) thick
.: 4-piece set
.: One size: 3.75" × 3.75" (9.5cm x 9.5cm)

  3.75" × 3.75"
Width, cm 9.53
Height, cm 9.53
Depth, cm 0.40







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