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Men's Gold Angel & P Ruby Bundle Set with pendant

Men's Gold Angel & P Ruby Bundle Set with pendant

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Introducing the Jewel Town Men's Gold Angel & P Ruby Bundle Set CZ Pendant with Hip Hop 24" & 30" Rope Chain - D463, an exquisite fusion of style and affordability that's bound to leave a lasting impression. This charismatic ensemble not only showcases a budget-friendly metal chain and pendant but also boasts an intricately designed Cherub pendant that catches the eye effortlessly. The dazzling diamonds adorning this pendant glisten brilliantly under the sun's radiant rays. What's more, this product features resilient gold plating that resists fading and color alteration, ensuring a long-lasting, glamorous appearance.

Key Features

  1. Cherub Pendant Perfection: The Cherub design on the pendant elevates its aesthetic appeal, adding a touch of elegance to your style.

  2. Radiant Diamonds: The diamonds on this pendant shine brilliantly when exposed to sunlight, making it a stunning accessory for any occasion.

  3. Durable Gold Plating: Thanks to its robust gold plating, this set retains its lustrous finish without succumbing to discoloration or fading, even with everyday wear.

🔍 Frequently Asked Questions 🔍

Q: What material is this set made of? A: This set is crafted from fine brass metal.

Q: How many chains and pendant pieces are included? A: You'll receive two chains and two pendant pieces as part of this set.

Q: Who sells and ships this product? A: Jewel Town is the seller and responsible for shipping this product.

Q: What are the chains & pendants made out of? A: While the chains are constructed from cost-effective metal, the Cherub pendant boasts an impressive level of detail and quality.

Q: Does it fade or change colors or rust? A: In my experience, I haven't witnessed any significant color change or fading, even after getting them wet on multiple occasions.

Q: Does the diamonds shine? A: Yes, they shine brilliantly in the sun, adding a touch of sparkle to your style.

Q: Is it gold? A: It's gold plated, providing a glamorous appearance without the hefty price tag of solid gold.

Q: Can I separate the chains? A: Unfortunately, these chains come connected, and separating them might require discarding one as there's only one clasp.

Q: Will it change color afterward? A: I've owned mine for a few weeks and worn it only a couple of times, and I haven't noticed any color changes. It seems to maintain its appeal, especially when worn selectively.

Q: Can I only wear 1 chain at a time? A: These chains are interconnected, so wearing just one at a time might not be feasible.

Q: Any date of when these are available again? A: I'm not the seller, so I can't provide an exact date. I recommend reaching out to the seller for updates on availability.

Q: How long is it? A: The chain length is ideal for those who prefer shorter styles. The baby Jesus chain may be longer than some people's preferences, but the red ruby chain offers a pleasing length. For a better description, check out the customer-posted images.

Q: Does it trigger metal detectors, and does the color fade? A: I'm unsure about metal detectors, but after owning mine for a few months and wearing it frequently, I did notice a slight fade, although it still looks quite impressive considering its affordability.

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