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Sacred Guardians: Embodying Divine Protection with Archangel Gabriel Coasters

Sacred Guardians: Embodying Divine Protection with Archangel Gabriel Coasters

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Unveiling the celestial realm, we present the "Celestial Whispers: Archangel Gabriel 4 pcs. Corkwood Coaster Set." Enveloped in a touch of mystique and spirituality, these coasters transport you to a realm where wisdom resonates and angelic energies abound.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each coaster in this enchanting set features the ethereal image of Archangel Gabriel, the Divine Messenger. Delicate strokes of color breathe life into the angel's form, while their gentle gaze ignites a flame of inspiration within.

The high-gloss MDF top of these coasters exudes an air of elegance, reflecting the divine light that surrounds them. Its smooth surface serves as a canvas, capturing the essence of Archangel Gabriel's celestial presence. Rest assured, with a cork back to prevent sliding, these coasters find their place with grace and stability.

Measuring at 0.16" (0.4cm) thick, these coasters are a testament to both beauty and durability. Each one boasts a perfect size of 3.75" × 3.75" (9.5cm x 9.5cm), allowing them to seamlessly blend into any space, whether it be an intimate corner for reflection or a vibrant gathering of kindred spirits.

As you place your cup upon these coasters, a profound connection is established. The image of Archangel Gabriel acts as a conduit, inviting angelic energy and divine inspiration to permeate your surroundings. With each sip, you are reminded of the sacred wisdom and guidance that exists beyond the physical realm.

Let these coasters serve as a reminder that divine messages are ever-present, awaiting your attention. Embrace the serenity and spiritual insights they bring forth, allowing your soul to dance in harmony with the ethereal symphony of the universe.

Choose the "Celestial Whispers: Archangel Gabriel 4 pcs. Corkwood Coaster Set" to elevate your space, infusing it with the essence of celestial grace, while being guided by the words of wisdom that Archangel Gabriel whispers into your heart.

*Note: These coasters are more than mere decor; they are sacred tools that unlock the gateway to celestial realms. Embrace their mystique and cherish the messages they convey.

.: High-gloss MDF top
.: Cork back to prevent sliding
.: 0.16" (0.4cm) thick
.: 4-piece set
.: One size: 3.75" × 3.75" (9.5cm x 9.5cm)

  3.75" × 3.75"
Width, cm 9.53
Height, cm 9.53
Depth, cm 0.40





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