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Reviving Angelic Wisdom: A Deep Dive into Catholic Angelology

Reviving Angelic Wisdom: A Deep Dive into Catholic Angelology

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In the realm of Catholicism, the celestial beings known as angels have long captured the imaginations of believers and scholars alike. Revered as messengers of God, guardians of humanity, and spiritual guides, angels hold a cherished place in the rich tapestry of Catholic teaching and tradition. One book that serves as a beacon of insight into this heavenly realm is "The Angels: In Catholic Teaching and Tradition" by Rev. Fr. Pascale Parente. Published by Tan Books in its first edition, this volume offers a profound exploration of angels as depicted in scripture, the writings of the Church Fathers and Doctors, the wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas, official pronouncements, and the insights of holy writers.

Unveiling the Treasures Within:

  • Binding: Paperback
  • Number Of Pages: 157
  • Release Date: March 12, 1994
  • Features: From Scripture, Fathers & Doctors of the Church, St. Thomas, official pronouncements, holy writers. Their creation, test, fall, nature, powers, duties, Saints who conversed with, nine choirs, famous Angels, etc. 189 Pp. PB. Impr. (Formerly: Beyond Space).
  • EAN: 9780895555151
  • Package Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.4 x 0.6 inches
  • Languages: English

Delving into Angelic Mysteries: This remarkable book, "The Angels: In Catholic Teaching and Tradition," invites readers to embark on a captivating journey through the profound and mystical world of angels. With 157 pages of wisdom, it provides an in-depth exploration of angelic creation, their divine tests and falls, the nature of these celestial beings, their awe-inspiring powers, and the sacred duties they fulfill in the grand design of the Catholic faith.

From Ancient Scriptures to Modern Insights: Rev. Fr. Pascale Parente draws upon a vast array of sources, including sacred scripture, the writings of esteemed Church Fathers and Doctors, and the theological brilliance of St. Thomas Aquinas. This comprehensive approach ensures that readers gain a holistic understanding of angels from both historical and contemporary perspectives.

Walking Among Saints: One of the book's highlights is its exploration of saints who have experienced divine encounters with angels. These extraordinary encounters serve as a testament to the angels' significant role as messengers and protectors of those on the path of righteousness.

The Heavenly Choirs: "The Angels: In Catholic Teaching and Tradition" delves deep into the nine angelic choirs, each with its unique attributes and purposes. This exploration sheds light on the hierarchical order of these celestial beings and their roles in the divine plan.

Famous Angels Unveiled: Moreover, this enlightening volume introduces readers to famous angels, shedding light on their roles and significance in religious history. From the archangels to guardian angels, their stories come to life within these pages.

A Timeless Classic Revised: This first edition, originally known as "Beyond Space," has been lovingly revised and republished, making it a timeless classic for seekers of angelic wisdom.

As you open the pages of "The Angels: In Catholic Teaching and Tradition," you embark on a spiritual journey that will deepen your understanding of angels in the Catholic faith. Rev. Fr. Pascale Parente's work is a testament to the enduring fascination with angels, offering readers a chance to explore their celestial majesty and divine purpose. Dive into this celestial realm and uncover the mysteries that have captivated believers

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