Guardian Angel Kerubiel

Unveiling the Mysteries of Guardian Angel Kerubiel: Protector of Divine Knowledge

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Guardian Angel Kerubiel - The Protector of Divine Knowledge

Do you believe in the existence of guardian angels? According to some spiritual traditions, these celestial beings are assigned to protect and guide us throughout our lives. One of the most important guardian angels is Kerubiel, who is believed to be the protector of divine knowledge and the guardian of the throne of God.

Who is Kerubiel?

Angel Kerubiel is an angel who is often depicted as a winged being with a lion's head and a human body. In some traditions, Kerubiel is also known as the "Angel of Wisdom" or the "Angel of Light," and is associated with the sephirah Binah in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

Kerubiel's name is derived from the Hebrew word "kerub," which means "to be close" or "to be near." This reflects the belief that Kerubiel is always close to God's throne and is constantly watching over us.

What is Kerubiel's Role?

Kerubiel is believed to be the protector of divine knowledge and the guardian of the throne of God. As such, Kerubiel is responsible for guarding the secrets of the universe and for revealing them to those who are worthy. In some traditions, Kerubiel is also associated with the concept of divine justice and is said to help us understand the mysteries of the universe.

Kerubiel is also believed to be one of the highest-ranking angels in the celestial hierarchy. Some sources suggest that Kerubiel is the chief of the cherubim, who are the second highest order of angels after the seraphim.

Attributes of Guardian Angel Kerubiel

Guardian Angel Kerubiel, often depicted within angelic hierarchies associated with guardianship and celestial order, holds a distinguished position marked by holiness and divine protection. Kerubiel’s attributes weave together a narrative of divine presence and spiritual authority, offering guidance and sanctity to those under this guardian’s care.

Planet: Jupiter

Kerubiel is associated with Jupiter, the planet known for its expansive and benevolent influence. This celestial body underscores Kerubiel's role in providing wisdom, prosperity, and spiritual growth. Jupiter's expansive nature reflects Kerubiel’s capacity to offer generous protection and moral guidance.

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Aligned with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, Kerubiel embodies the qualities of exploration, optimism, and a quest for truth. Sagittarius’ influence promotes a philosophical and protective approach in Kerubiel's interactions, focusing on moral and ethical expansiveness and the pursuit of higher knowledge.

Metal: Tin

Tin, the metal traditionally linked with Jupiter and its expansive properties, is associated with Kerubiel. This metal symbolizes the angel’s ability to influence broader horizons, offering protection that extends across vast spiritual landscapes.

Crystals: Sapphire and Amethyst

Sapphire and amethyst are the crystals connected to Kerubiel. Sapphire, with its divine blue hues, represents clarity of thought and celestial wisdom, while amethyst offers protection, enhancing spiritual awareness and psychic abilities. Both stones reflect Kerubiel’s role in spiritual enlightenment and safeguarding the soul.

Flowers: Blue Iris and Lavender

The blue iris, symbolizing faith and wisdom, and lavender, known for its purification and calming qualities, are flowers linked to Kerubiel. These botanical choices represent Kerubiel’s essence of spiritual purity and the serene guidance provided to those in the angel’s care.

Animal: Lion

The lion, as a symbol of authority and strength, represents Kerubiel's majestic and protective nature. This noble creature embodies leadership and courage, mirroring Kerubiel’s role as a guardian and spiritual leader.

Opposite Demon: Samael

Samael, often considered an accuser, seducer, and destroyer, contrasts sharply with Kerubiel’s protective and holy attributes. This adversarial relationship highlights Kerubiel’s commitment to defending against corruption and maintaining spiritual integrity.

Lunar Cycle: Crescent Moon

The crescent moon, symbolizing new beginnings and potential, aligns with Kerubiel’s role in initiating spiritual enlightenment and guidance. It represents a time of nurturing divine qualities and fostering the development of inner wisdom.

Archetype: The Sage

Kerubiel fittingly embodies the Sage archetype, focusing on wisdom, insight, and guidance. As a sage, Kerubiel offers profound spiritual understanding and enlightenment, guiding individuals to higher planes of consciousness and moral discernment.

How Can Kerubiel Help You?

If you are seeking knowledge and wisdom, Kerubiel can be a powerful ally. By invoking Kerubiel's name, you can ask for guidance and insight into the mysteries of the universe. Kerubiel can also help you to connect with your own inner wisdom and to develop your intuition.

In addition, Kerubiel is believed to be a powerful protector. By calling on Kerubiel, you can ask for protection against negative energies and for help in overcoming any obstacles that may be standing in your way.


Whether you believe in the existence of guardian angels or not, there is no denying the powerful symbolism and mythology that surrounds these celestial beings. Kerubiel, in particular, is an archangel who is associated with divine knowledge, wisdom, and protection. By invoking Kerubiel's name, you can connect with the higher realms and ask for guidance and support in your life.


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